In Makeyevka destroyed Ukrainian saboteurs

In Makeyevka destroyed Ukrainian saboteursThe Nazis intensified sabotage to destabilize the situation in Donetsk and its neighbor - Makeyevka.In particular, exploration DND received data that Makeevka minibus "Fiat Ducato" white arrived subversive group of guards, armed with small arms and mortars. . . . . . Read more -->

TRANS-Ural drug police seized during the holidays more than five kilograms of drugs

TRANS-Ural drug police seized during the holidays more than five kilograms of drugsFor 11 days 2015 drugs police TRANS seized from illegal circulation of more than five kilograms of drugs, including one kilogram of "spice" and four kilograms of marijuana. 24 criminal cases were initiated.As told in the press service of the regional Department of Federal drug control service of Russia, in the beginning of the year at one of the city's post offices was detained 26-year-old resident of Barrow. The young man was seized parcel, in which there were three glass vial of liquid and a few bags of 500 tablets, containing in its composition prohibited in free circulation potent substances. It was prosecuted by the smuggling of potent substances."It is established that the suspect was organized channel of delivery of anabolic steroids from the Republic of Belarus with the intent to sell these drugs to increase muscle mass in the regional center," said the Ministry, adding that the young man faces a punishment of imprisonment for a term from 3 to 7 years and a large fine.In addition, in the first days of January the drugs police have prevented the transfer of large quantities of marijuana in one of the correctional institutions of the Kurgan region. . . Read more -->

Mitrofanova and Ponomareva want to deprive seats

Mitrofanova and Ponomareva want to deprive seatsState Duma Deputy from the Communist party Ivan nikitchuk has proposed to expand the list of grounds for early termination of powers of deputies.Amendments to legislation related to the activities of deputies Alexei Mitrofanov and Ilya Ponomarev, who for a long time are abroad.Nikitchuk believes that Ponomarev widely known abroad. He said that the MP lives in the U.S. and conducts anti-Russian political activities."According to canadian media, Ilya Ponomarev took part in the event called "the Russian opposition in time of war and crisis, where as one of the main critics of Russian President presented a detailed presentation with a description of the current political climate in Russia and the change of the Russian government," said Ponomarev.Alexei Mitrofanov did not appear in the state Duma from the beginning of June 2014, when he is deprived of parliamentary immunity in connection with charges of fraud in the case of a large bribe. . . . Read more -->

Due to the high inflation Pension Fund requires another $ 77 billion rubles for the indexation of pensions

Due to the high inflation Pension Fund requires another $ 77 billion rubles for the indexation of pensionsThe pension Fund of the Russian Federation will require 77,29 billion rubles from the budget for the indexation of pensions due to high inflation.As stated in the explanatory note to the draft resolution of the government of the Russian Federation "On approval of the indexation factor from February 1, 2015, the amount of fixed payments to insurance pensions", originally FIU expected to be directed to the indexation of pensions only 148,64 billion rubles at the rate of inflation at 7.5%, but will be forced to spend for these purposes 225,93 billion rubles due to the achievement of the inflation level of 11.4%.The average size of fixed payments to the insurance pension (subject to increase) from February 1 will increase to 522 RUB and after indexing will be 5 of 104 thousand rubles, according to "Vedomosti"". . . . . . Read more -->

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