Merkel on errands: German media reports that Obama banned Merkel to remove sanctions from Russia

Merkel on errands: German media reports that Obama banned Merkel to remove sanctions from RussiaThe leaders of the European Union refused to lift sanctions and to get closer with Russia after a phone conversation between President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel says German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten.The publication suggests that Obama probably during a recent telephone conversation with Merkel "chastised" due to the initiative of the EU to gradually lift sanctions against Russia, RIA "Novosti".We are talking about a document prepared for the meeting of the heads of foreign ministries of the EU on 19 January in Brussels. The publication points out that after this meeting, many European leaders have dramatically changed their opinion on the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions. From the point of view of the newspaper, the EU decided to abandon this document" after the intervention of the United States.According to the Wall Street Journal reported the document, it was proposed not only to gradually lift sanctions, but also to strengthen ties with Russia in three areas: foreign policy, trade, and industry cooperation.Phone conversation between Obama and Merkel referenced in the publication, happened just after the appearance of this information in an American newspaper. It is unclear called if Obama Merkel "answer", but the statements of the White house towards the EU after that resembled a "reprimand" and not "reduce tensions", says the media.The official reason for the change rate of the EU - supposedly universal agreement about the fact that the sanctions will be lifted only after the withdrawal of Russian troops, supposedly located in the Eastern Ukraine. However, a week ago many European leaders, including French President Francois Hollande and foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, followed a very different position, highlights edition.The newspaper adds that some countries are still "holding", in particular Austria, Luxembourg and Spain. . Read more -->

The new provisions of the Land code of Russia will help to stop the blackmail, which operates the Ekaterinburg city hall

The new provisions of the Land code of Russia will help to stop the blackmail, which operates the Ekaterinburg city hallOn March 1, 2015 effective amendments to the Land code of Russia and a number of laws under which the right to approve the boundaries of land plots and schemes go into powers of MUGISA.According to the Minister for state property management of the Sverdlovsk region, used to act on the principle of "two keys": MUGISA provided the land and the land plot boundaries were determined by the municipality. First of all, it concerned Yekaterinburg. On March 1, the need to coordinate scheme land boundaries with the administration of Yekaterinburg will disappear. These powers will be implemented by the Ministry on the principle of "one window"."We believe that the entry into force of these regulations will significantly increase the investment attractiveness of the region in the current economic turbulence, it will not be necessary to go between the municipality and the Ministry, and provided land plots will be possible to get in MUGISA on the principle of "one window". In addition, on March 1, entitled the Governor to make a decision about the provision of land without auction for the implementation of socially significant projects. It also seriously facilitates access to land resources as the main components of investment activity. Read more -->

The Communist party requires to explain exactly what "merit" son Sechin received the order

The Communist party requires to explain exactly what Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee, State Duma Deputy Valery Rashkin sent to the Commission for awards under the President of the Russian Federation parliamentary inquiry regarding the reasonableness of the award of the son of Igor Sechin, the medal "For merits before Fatherland" II degree, have informed in the press service of the party."The order "For merits before Fatherland" is awarded to citizens for particularly outstanding achievements related to the strengthening of Russian statehood, the socio-economic development of the country, research activities, development of culture and art, outstanding sports achievements, strengthening of peace, friendship and cooperation between Nations, for significant contribution in strengthening the defense of the country.Relevant conditions prescribed in the Statute of the order. I ask honourable Commission to provide information about which specific services to our country and the people became the basis for awarding the medal of the order Sechin Ivan Igorevich born in 1989," says deputies ' request."Rewarding top managers of oil companies the highest state awards itself is pretty questionable and raises many questions. What such feats, we do not know, made a 26-year-old Ivan Sechin? In my opinion, is its main merit to the Fatherland" is that his father is one of the richest and most influential government officials. If there is any merit at all - let the Commission will give information about this. The people must know its heroes", - said the MP its position. . Read more -->

To the 70th anniversary of the great Victory in Yekaterinburg will appear exposition "Battle glory of the Urals""

To the 70th anniversary of the great Victory in Yekaterinburg will appear exposition The exhibition "Battle glory of the Urals" is created on the basis of the House of officers of the Central military district in Yekaterinburg. An agreement was reached between the Governor Yevgeny Kuivashev and the commander of the Central military district Vladimir Zarucnicki. The parties signed a cooperation agreement. The creation of the exhibition is scheduled for 2015, to the Victory Day.As reported in the Department of information policy of the head of the region, this solution meets the wishes of many of the veteran organizations of the Sverdlovsk region, which has made appeals to the Governor on the organization of the Victory Museum in the center of Ekaterinburg.on 26 January, the Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev held a meeting of the organizing Committee on preparation and holding on the territory of Sverdlovsk region celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war."We are facing the challenge of providing quality training events, ensuring maximum participation and veterans, and youth, safety and public order, it is important to organize everything at the highest level, to consider to detail all our steps, all steps to resolve interdepartmental barriers, to ensure coordination of the work of the direct perpetrators," he addressed the members of the organizing Committee Yevgeny Kuyvashev.He stressed that the preparation for the anniversary of the Victory is complex, it involves work in several areas, including social support of veterans."Social support of veterans is the most important direction of work of the regional authorities. Today the participants of the great Patriotic war are provided a monthly allowance and compensation for travel, housing and communal services of sanatorium-resort treatment. In the region established by the title of "Veteran of labour of the Sverdlovsk region", is awarded the insignia of the Sverdlovsk region "For contribution to the veterans' movement, there is a regional comprehensive program "the Older generation". Read more -->

Strong fire at the factory in New Moscow extinguished

Strong fire at the factory in New Moscow extinguishedThe fire at the factory in the village of Rudnevo on the territory of New Moscow extinguished, was reported in the press service of the Metropolitan emergency services."Thanks to fire and rescue departments, 12:34 fire was extinguished," said the Agency. The fire area is 2500 square meters. According to the revised data - area collapse amounted to 1200 square meters.The fire occurred after an explosion in the heating unit in one of the shops. People left the meat before arrival of fire and rescue departments. However, because of the effects of the explosion that killed 11 people. Five of them received severe burns after bottling plant with boiling water. Read more -->

Unknown persons threw stones office of the TV channel "inter" in Kiev

Unknown persons threw stones office of the TV channel About 20 people in masks attacked the office of the TV channel "inter" in Kiev, shelling it with bricks and stones. As a result of such action was broken glass entrance area on the ground floor of the building, no staff were injured, correspondent .See also:-->Ukrainian TV channel "inter" under threat of closure for broadcasting the new year's eve Russian artistsAmid the hysteria, artificially fabricated around the "inter" in the last few days, the physical attack on the office of the company and property damage channel we consider another provocation and an attempt to put pressure on the channel", - informs the press service of the channel.The attackers were detained. After interrogation they were released. . . . Read more -->

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