Resident of Kartaly, robbed the mail to 3 million rubles, sentenced to 6 years

Resident of Kartaly, robbed the mail to 3 million rubles, sentenced to 6 yearsKartalin city court sentenced to six years imprisonment Vladimir Titov, who robbed a post office, stealing about 3 million rubles the Crime was committed in July 2014 in the premises of the main offices of Kartalin pocchama in the village Locomotive."Knowing the code from the locking device, Titov broke into the office the main office, where, threatening cashiers pneumatic gun, forced them to put money in he brought the bag" - said the Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk region.So he kidnapped 2,95 million rubles In the same day Titov was detained. Of the stolen money amounting to about 1.7 million rubles was withdrawn for the remainder of the aggrieved party said the civil suit.The court " Titov sentenced to imprisonment for a period of six years from serving the sentence in a correctional colony of strict regime. . . . . Read more -->

Venediktov said about the care of two Deputy Lesina of "Gazprom-media""

Venediktov said about the care of two Deputy Lesina of Two Deputy ex-Chairman of the "Gazprom-media" Mikhail Lesin left the management of the holding, said the chief editor of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" Alexei Venediktov."Two Deputy Mikhail Lesin - Vladimir Khanumyan and Ruslan Tesekbaev - left leadership of Gazprom-media," Venediktov wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.Interfax does not yet have the comment of the representative of "Gazprom-media".On the eve of the press-service of "Gazprom-media" reported that Dmitry Chernyshenko on Tuesday took up the position of Chairman of the Board of the company.There reminded that in December the Board of Directors of JSC Gazprom-media holding" appointed Chernyshenko to this position for a period of three years. In this position, he was replaced by Mikhail Lesin.19 December 2014 Lesin asked to release him from the post of Chairman of the company for family reasons. Former Minister of press and Advisor to the President Lesin was the head of "Gazprom-media" from 1 October 2013."Gazprom-media holding" owns NTV, TNT, satellite operator NTV-Plus", radio "Echo of Moscow", "city FM", Relax-FM, "Children's radio", Radio Comedy, "Seven days", magazines "Results", "Caravan of stories", the newspaper "Tribuna", the film company "NTV-Kino, sales houses "Gazprom-media" and "GPM-digital" cinema "October", "Crystal Palace", video portals and Rutube February 2014, Gazprom-media has closed a deal to buy the ProfMedia group "Interros" Vladimir Potanin. According to the report of Gazprombank, the amount of the transaction amounted to $602 million In the deal entered the channels TV3, "Friday", "2x2", and the radio station "Autoradio", Energy, "Radio Romantika", "Humor FM", the manufacturer and distributor of film "Central partnership".In early October, Gazprom-media, MWF, channel one and RTR announced the creation of a single seller advertising on the basis of Vi (former "Video international", belongs to the structures of the Bank "Russia"). . . Read more -->

Charlie Hebdo will multiply the caricature of the prophet Mohammed in three million pieces on the cover

Charlie Hebdo will multiply the caricature of the prophet Mohammed in three million pieces on the coverNew mostresstalia" room French scandalizing magazine Charlie Hebdo, a version of which was attacked by terrorists, will be published on Wednesday, January 14, with a caricature of the prophet Mohammed on the cover. It is reported Liberation.The cartoon portrays Muhammad on a green background with a sad look. In the hands of the prophet holds a poster with the slogan "I - Sharlee". Crowned with the cover title "All is forgiven".Issue # 1178, as it became known earlier, will come with a circulation of three million copies.When this volume of the journal will be two times less volume than usual - eight pages against the usual 16. . . Read more -->

The Governor of Ugra warned members of Nizhnevartovsk from excessive tax burden on entrepreneurs

The Governor of Ugra warned members of Nizhnevartovsk from excessive tax burden on entrepreneursThe Governor of Ugra Natalya Komarova has held a working meeting with the deputies of the Duma of the city of Nizhnevartovsk. It addressed the issues of fiscal policy, financing full-scale launch system "Safe city", as well as deputies work with citizens and the professional community, reported the press service of the government of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district.Thanks to the work of the deputies of the city Duma building the revenue base and improve the efficiency of spending in 2014 managed to fill the budget by more than 1.4 billion rubles In terms of revenue growth - this is the second result among all the municipalities of the Autonomous Okrug. Future plans involve the development of these trends, primarily due to the increase of the tax potential of the territory."At the same time warned you of a decision-intensive small and medium business. Carefully make decisions in this regard. The priorities of our well-known is the protection of the interests of the citizens, in need of support, middle class population, because it is the base and Foundation of life support from the village to the state, investors and entrepreneurs. To harden can against those who generate the overconsumption," he outlined the priorities of the head of the region.Also at the meeting they discussed the development of the system "Safe city". Read more -->

On Sakhalin earthquake

On Sakhalin earthquakeThe earthquake registered a magnitude 4.8 in the Pacific ocean near the Kuril Islands, Sakhalin region.The quake was registered at the depth of 60 km 293 km South-West of Paramushir island. . . . . . Read more -->

Gorgeousa Psaki admitted that no evidence of an "invasion" of the Russian Federation to Ukraine no, that does not prevent US hysterically to lie further

Gorgeousa Psaki admitted that no evidence of an The U.S. state Department does not know how many Russian troops may stay on the territory of Ukraine. As reported by RIA Novosti, said the official representative of the U.S. Department of state Jen Psaki."I have no evidence of specific numbers," said Psaki, commenting on the statement of the Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko that his country is supposedly nine thousand Russian troops.State Department spokesman noted that he had seen reports that Russia allegedly sent to Ukraine two tactical battalion, however, acknowledged that confirm this information, it does not. Psaki also noted that the level of violence in the East of Ukraine has increased. The responsibility for this diplomat put on the militia, which she accused of "capture new territories"". Read more -->

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