It happened! Defrauded real estate investors HBC "Cozy" wait for the delivery at home

It happened! Defrauded real estate investors HBC Deceived shareholders HBC "Cozy" in Verkhnyaya Pyshma waited for the delivery at home. The city administration issued a permit for commissioning of distressed homes - construction on a street Engineering, 6 "b". This ended a five-year Saga of suffering, trials, expectations, many tears and torment for the shareholders of the housing cooperative "Cozy", among which: 115 children, 78 pensioners, 11 disabled and a veteran of world war II. This was reported in the press service of the MIA of Russia in Sverdlovsk region.Defrauded real estate investors turned with words of sincere gratitude to the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvasheva and state Duma Deputy Alexander Khinshtein for their help and support in the completion of the house.Recall, from September 2012 Evgeny Kuyvashev and Alexander Khinshtein took control solution to the urgent and pressing problems of citizens - shareholders HBC "Cozy", which appeared at the time in a difficult situation as a result of unfair activities of the developer housing Director Alexander Popov.Defrauded real estate investors also thanked the Director General of the Ural mining and metallurgical company Andrey Kozitsyn, decided to provide help and assistance to the victims in this situation people. In September 2013, and in October of the past were allocated personal credit tool LLC "UMMC - holding" for a total amount of 60 million rubles for the purpose of completing the construction of distressed homes-unfinished. These solutions have been decisive in the question of completion."I would like to Express appreciation to the management of the Prosecutor's office, GUS MIA and personally to the head of GU MVD of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Mikhail A. Read more -->

Pushkov - on declassified CIA data on Pasternak: It kills all the illusions

Pushkov - on declassified CIA data on Pasternak: It kills all the illusionsThe head of the international Affairs Committee Alexei Pushkov commented on the recent information that the CIA supported the publication of the novel "Doctor Zhivago"."The CIA has admitted that he supported the publication in the West "Doctor Zhivago" and his nomination for the Nobel. It does not diminish the author, but kills all illusion," wrote the MP in his microblog on Twitter.Previously, the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) has declassified 99 documents relating to the novel by Boris Pasternak's "Doctor Zhivago"". . . . . Read more -->

SBU made the case about the attack on the fact of shelling civilians in Mariupol

SBU made the case about the attack on the fact of shelling civilians in MariupolDepartment of the security service of Ukraine in Donetsk region has opened a criminal case under part 3 of article 258 of the criminal code (terrorist attack resulted in the deaths of people). About this page in Facebook said the head of the MIA of Ukraine in Donetsk oblast Vyacheslav Abroskin.According to him, the attack killed 30 people: 17 women, 12 men, one child. Injured 49 women, 37 men and nine children. . . . Read more -->

For the craving for alcohol can get 7 years in Yekaterinburg detained brawlers, robbed the store

For the craving for alcohol can get 7 years in Yekaterinburg detained brawlers, robbed the storeDetained in Yekaterinburg local residents suspected of committing robbery.As told in the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk region; a statement to the police came from the seller's store located at 3 km Rezhevskogo tract. 45-year-old woman said that on 13 January at around 3: 30 went young people and threatened with knife and took possession of alcoholic beverages and cash. The damage amount was 27 thousand. The victim remembered well their abusers and detail were able to describe their appearance. Said the woman just after a couple of days after the events, explaining to the police that was very frightened.The attackers turned out to be 20-year-old unemployed young people released from places of imprisonment in the summer of 2014, serving a sentence for a similar offence, and his 33-year-old comrade, also unemployed.Against the detainees filed a criminal case under article robbery. . Read more -->

"United Russia" completes the reform of the ISS, and forms the backbone of the proportional list before the elections to the state Duma

"United Russia" completes the reform miscoordination councils (ISS), which actually formed the backbone of the party list before the elections to the state Duma 2016. For part of the territories of the party representatives are not yet fixed. Where there are difficulties with the unity of the regional elites, the ISS can be chosen person, a neutral region. If successful, they will be guaranteed parliamentary mandates in other areas."United Russia" in 2014 planned reform miscoordination councils (ISS), a kind of party polpredstve. The heads of the ISS ahead of the Duma elections in 2016 will form political interaction with elites, public opinion leaders, opposition and determining the course of the promotion party in the Federal election. Instead of dividing by Federal districts of the party leadership is expected to appoint 30-32 head of the ISS. Read more -->

In Russia expect a new wave of refugees. Experts say: Flee not only from the republics, Ukraine

In Russia expect a new wave of refugees. Experts say: Flee not only from the republics, UkraineIn the regions not plan to close the temporary accommodation of refugees, as a new round of development of the conflict expect increasing human flow from the zone of hostilities in LNR and DND. As the correspondent of , for example, the mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Elbow urged subordinates to prepare for a second wave of refugees due to political situation."Enormous work has been done. But, despite the fact that refugees are already adapted to our conditions, temporary housing is not closed. Given the political situation, the possible second wave of immigrants, and we must be prepared", - quotes the words of the mayor, the press service of the city administration.As reported in the government of the Rostov region, in connection with the aggravated situation of the local authorities decided to open an additional ISD to host Ukrainian refugees. While this will be the only two children's camps, however, according to information of the Department for prevention and liquidation of emergency situations of the Rostov region, in the case of increasing human flow, the authorities have the possibility to open additional third perforation in one of the districts of the region.In this case, the press service of the regional government noted that only in the past day from the territory of the DND and LNR in Russia through the checkpoint, located on the territory of the Rostov region, drove about 8.5 thousand people, however a further 6.6 thousand people left in the Republic.That situation threatens to become extraordinary, talk and community.So, according to the activist, the leader of the organization "citizens on patrol" Rostislav Antonov, who recently returned from Donetsk, where they took once again a humanitarian, a new wave of refugees in the regions need to wait a month."In the summer of Donetsk was a Ghost town. Read more -->

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