First Armata" will go to the troops in February

First ArmataThe first batch of tanks on the platform of "Armata" (develops Corporation "Uralvagonzavod") will go into the army in February 2015. This was announced today by the Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Military-industrial Commission (VPK) Russia Oleg Bochkarev."Can't say exactly how many machines will be in this game, but the probability that in February this party will go very high. I doubt it," TASS words Bochkareva.He reminded that they must participate in the may 9 Victory day Parade."The military begin to prepare for the Victory day Parade in March, so in February, these machines must be them," - said the Agency interlocutor.Earlier, the Chairman of the Board of the military-industrial complex told that the tanks after the Parade will return to the manufacturer, they will pass completion to the end of the year will be delivered to the troops for trial operation. Inspection of tanks in the army, according to Bochkareva, will take approximately three years, so that mass production of tanks on the platform of "Armata" could begin in 2018."Armata" - heavy unified platform on which to create the main tank, combat infantry and heavy armored personnel carriers and other armored vehicles. . . Read more -->

Who is war, and a mother who: the Ministry of defence of Ukraine stolen up to a quarter of the money

Who is war, and a mother who: the Ministry of defence of Ukraine stolen up to a quarter of the moneyAdvisor to the President of Ukraine Yuri Biryukov believes that the Ministry of defence stolen up to a quarter of the allocated money."Our main task now is to try to win the total corruption in the defense Ministry. I'm not a court, not an investigator, but estimated can say that about 20-25% of all money allocated for defense, stolen", - quotes RIA Novosti words Biryukova with reference to the Ukrainian media. . . . . Read more -->

The Chairman of the TEC Noyabrsk was a former competitor of Beloccas

The Chairman of the TEC Noyabrsk was a former competitor of BeloccasIn Noyabrsk was replaced by the Chairman of the territorial election Commission of the city. At the end of 2014, a statement about the resignation was written by the head of the Tick Vladimir Pavlovich. The decision of the district election Commission, his place was taken by Dmitry Afonin, the decision is published on the official website of election Commission of Yamal, the correspondent .Note that Afonin participated in the contest for the position of head of administration of Noyabrsk. Executive Director of the nonprofit organization "Fund of development of housing construction and mortgage lending" Dmitry Afonin, together with the current city Manager of the city took place in the second round of the competition. . . Read more -->

Ukrainian terrorists Diecke kill civilians, pretending garbage...

Ukrainian terrorists Diecke kill civilians, pretending garbage... Ukrainian saboteurs used unusually sneaky way to get in Donetsk. Sabotage the group used garbage trucks to quietly take in the city's law enforcers and mortars. According to preliminary data, in Donetsk operated from four to six mortar detachments, which were shelling residential areas of the body these machines.Saboteurs-mortar managed to eliminate not only in Donetsk, but in the suburbs, Makeyevka. According to preliminary data, on a white Fiat Ducato minibus to the city tried to pass saboteurs with mortars and small arms. In the ensuing battle, some of them were destroyed, two of them surrendered to the militia. Read more -->

"Ukraine CE Europa"! In Kiev there was held the night torchlight procession of the Nazis in honor Bandera

January 1, Kyiv hosted the torchlight procession of the Nazis in honor of Stepan Bandera. Today the Nazis marked the anniversary of the birth of his idol - Hitler's accomplice, the so-called "ideologist of Ukrainian nationalism". Slogans contained appeals to mass terror. In addition, it became known that during the torchlight procession Ukrainian activists were beaten correspondent Jeanne Karpenko."Welcome to Ukraine - there is here no Nazis and Bandera, Russian is not in danger" - as he liked to say Prochaska propagandists.Loved euromayday greeting "Glory to Ukraine - glory to the heroes" historically appeared during operation of Stepan Bandera is the slogan of the OUN, which is similar to the Nazi greeting "Heil Hitler"". . . Read more -->

Kyiv is ready to declare war on Russia

Kyiv is ready to declare war on RussiaThe situation in the Donbass, aggravated on the background of the failure of the next stage of negotiations, reached the stage of discussing the introduction in Ukraine of the state of emergency. The member of Parliament argued that the decisions have already been signed, but postponed for financial reasons.The Ministry of defense of country reports on the transfer of reinforcements to the area of the Donetsk airport. The commander of the U.S. army in Europe arrived in Kyiv to discuss the issues.That Ukraine is ready to impose martial law, said the Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on national security and defence Sergiy Pashinskiy in an interview to channel 5. However, in his opinion, this solution is disadvantageous... from a financial point of view."That will give us martial law? From the point of view of mobilizing nothing. Read more -->

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