Khodorkovsky - Kadyrov: "I took note of the threat""

Khodorkovsky - Kadyrov: Former Yukos owner Mikhail Khodorkovsky said on the words of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, who yesterday announced a fugitive oligarch his personal enemy and the enemy of all Muslims. Khodorkovsky wrote that did not show disrespect to Muslims, but here are the steps Kadyrov compared with the terrorist attack in Paris correspondent ."I heard and took note of the threat from a dedicated supporter of Vladimir Putin. This threat by its orientation is no different from yesterday's terrorist attack in Paris: its purpose is to intimidate, to deny the vote to stop the word," Khodorkovsky wrote on its website.He expressed confidence that "good Muslims all over the world condole with the victims, and perceive his words as a call for support and solidarity, as a refusal to submit to. . . . Read more -->

TFR opened a new case on the fact of genocide of Russian-speaking citizens of Donbass

TFR opened a new case on the fact of genocide of Russian-speaking citizens of DonbassRussian investigators opened a criminal case on the fact of new episodes of genocide of Russian-speaking citizens during the bombardment of cities and towns of Donbass, said a spokesman for the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin."The main investigative Department of the investigative Committee of Russia has opened a criminal case on the fact of mass attacks in the period from 01.12.2014 on 12.01.2015 from rocket launchers "Grad", "Hurricane", self-propelled artillery "acacia" and "Carnation", another heavy weapons, including the use of incendiary ammunition, the cities of Donetsk, Gorlovka, Dokuchayevsk and Olenivka, as well as other communities," said Markin.According to him, because of the attacks killed more than 40 people, more than 120 received injuries of varying severity, in the cities of Donbass partially or fully destroyed houses and social infrastructure and communications."Since the beginning of the so-called "anti-terrorist operation" in the South-East of Ukraine were killed over 4.8 thousand people, more than 10.5 thousand received injuries of varying severity, either fully or partially destroyed and burned more than a thousand houses, community facilities and life support, in connection with which more than half a million civilians were forced to leave their permanent places of residence, arriving on the territory of Russia", - said Markin."The actions of the individuals from the highest political and military leadership of Ukraine, carrying out the command of the so-called "anti-terrorist operation conducted in the South-East of Ukraine, as well as subordinate commanders of the Ukrainian nationalist battalions "Aidar", "Azov" and "Dnepr" not otherwise qualify as genocide (article 357 of the criminal code), i.e. the destruction of the Russian-speaking population", - said the representative of the RCDS. . . . . Read more -->

Unknown stole the jewels on 300 thousand rubles from the jewelry salon in Chelyabinsk

Unknown stole the jewels on 300 thousand rubles from the jewelry salon in ChelyabinskTwo unknown men in masks today attacked jewelry store in the Leninsky district of Chelyabinsk. They broke into the store on Gagarin street and stole trays of jewels.As reported by the research Affairs of the region, the attackers threatened the seller with the item, like a gun. The damage amounted to 300 thousand rublesProsecuted under part 2 of article 162 of the criminal code (robbery). . . . Read more -->

"Gazprom Neft" improving infrastructure to transport oil from the Yamal Peninsula

The company "Gazprom Neft" has started construction of the second stage of pressure pipeline with the Novoportovskoye field to Cape Stone, where the oil is transported by sea to consumers, reported the press service of gubernatora the YNAO.As the press-service of JSC "Gazprom Neft", the length of the highway will be 105 km, capacity - not less than 5.5 million tons per year. Work is scheduled to be completed in 2016Construction of the pipeline, taking into account best international standards and using engineering solutions to minimize the impact on the environment of the Arctic region, and to ensure reliable operation in harsh climatic conditions. The track will be equipped with passages for migrating animals. The pipes are placed on a special movable supports, which will allow to protect the layers of permafrost from the extra heat and will protect the pipeline from damage due to shifting the thawed soil.During the construction materials used and the equipment of the Russian manufacturers, and contractors have the experience in construction of similar facilities in the Far North.Note, the construction of the first pipeline from the Novoportovskoye field to Cape Stone was completed in mid-2014 and Then in August last year, was first exported oil from the Novoportovskoye field. The tanker was delivered raw materials along the Northern sea route to Europe in September. Only in the summer-autumn season 2014 managed to take over 100 thousand tons of oil.Recall that the recoverable reserves of the Novoportovskoye field for categories C1 and C2 constitute more than 250 million tons of oil and condensate and more than 320 billion cubic meters of gas (including Paleozoic sediments). Read more -->

On Hitler's scenario: after the execution of the bus Waltman announced the beginning of a new war against Donbass

On Hitler's scenario: after the execution of the bus Waltman announced the beginning of a new war against DonbassThe President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko (Waltman) reported that the country begins a new wave of mobilization. This statement he made in connection with the firing bus in Donetsk oblast, the press service Poroshenko-Waltman. And for a long time and categorically proven: mobilization of = war. And therefore it is not surprising that nacido-banderovskaya junta uses, for lack of their own, exactly the same methods which were used by Nazi Germany to attack Poland in 1939 year - first bloody provocation and then immediately after that is the beginning of the war."Tomorrow I will sign a decree on the next wave of mobilization. I am sure that the Ukrainian people will support this decision, and mobilization will be successful", - said in a statement.Ukrainian President in his address was accused militias, blatantly shifting this indelible bloody sin with kroposki bandits-punishers on the defenders of the new Russia, and ordered to strengthen restrictions on movement across the border controlled DND areas.On Tuesday afternoon under fire near the checkpoint under the Volnovaha hit a passenger bus: 12 people were killed, wounded - 18. Press center of the Ukrainian military operations in the Donbass reported that armed opponents of the Kyiv authorities attacked the checkpoint from multiple launch rocket systems "Grad"". Read more -->

Natalia Komarova met with young journalists Yugra

Natalia Komarova met with young journalists YugraOn the eve of the Day of the Russian press, the Governor of Ugra Natalya Komarova met with representatives of the new County public organization "Young journalists Yugra". The meeting was held at the volunteer center of the Ugra state University, which brought together about 70 journalists from ten municipalities, have informed in the press service of the head of the region.The Governor congratulated the young journalists on the upcoming professional holiday and said current challenges in the information sphere, you will be working with the journalistic community."Last year was long on events of great importance and those that occurred outside the Russian Federation. The world has moved into other systems geopolitical, economic, and informational coordinates. We are faced with a challenge, informational aggression against Russia. The sovereignty of our country are trying to bring to the derivative of the geopolitical ambitions "Foggy bottom" on the other side of the Atlantic. Now we need to perform a difficult task with dignity, a high level of professionalism, honesty. Read more -->

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