Missile troops descended sudden check

Missile troops descended sudden checkIn Russia nachlass first this year sudden check special Missile forces (RVSN) - she will undergo Uzhurskoe missile Union, based in Krasnoyarsk region. As told Colonel Igor Yegorov, the main theme test: counter - terrorism."Soldiers connections will be tested more than 20 tasks and input related to blocking objects, actions during an attack on the convoy, evacuation of personnel with the threat of terrorist attacks and bomb disposal. . . . . Read more -->

The collapse of a bridge built before the war in Kaliningrad: criminal case

The collapse of a bridge built before the war in Kaliningrad: criminal caseIn Kaliningrad, a criminal case on the fact of the collapse of the Berlin supports of the bridge, reported the press service of the regional Investigative Committee."The criminal case on the fact of death of a worker in the result of the collapse of the Berlin bridge built before the war," he said in the UK.During search and rescue from the rubble were retrieved the bodies of four workers. Two more victims were hospitalized in serious condition.According to updated information from the number of people killed one worker was a resident of Kaliningrad, three - residents Ivanovo, Saratov and Tula regions. Two of the victims are residents of the Ivanovo region.On the given fact criminal case on the grounds of a crime, including 3 tbsp. 216 of the criminal code (violation of safety rules during the construction and other works, caused the death of two and more persons). The offense is punishable, including in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to 7 years."According to investigators, the death of the workers came in because when dismantling the bridge were not met the necessary security measures. According to preliminary data, immediately before the collapse of the workers, as well as several pieces of construction equipment were located on the surface of the removable construction", - told the Agency.To date, the investigation has established the organization that carried out the dismantling of the structures of the bridge. Read more -->

A suspect in the "doctors ' case" the thugs preventive measure: one detained, two were released

A suspect in the Suspect young people who attacked the paramedics" in Yekaterinburg, a preventive measure: one of them remanded in custody, two more were released. Currently, investigators are interrogating witnesses, appointed a number of examinations. The investigation of the criminal case under article "Beating", continues.As reported in the press service of the Sverdlovsk region, currently running complex investigative actions aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident. Continues the examination of witnesses, appointed a forensic medical examination to determine the severity of the harm caused to the health of physicians. This data will then be affected, including the legal qualification of the participants ' actions attack.Also the investigation by set the exact cost of property damage associated with damage to the car "emergency".Currently, the alleged attackers preventive measure. Against one of the defendants - a young man, born in 1988, the court granted the motion on the election of a preventive measure in the form of detention in respect of the second suspect a preventive measure in the form of parole and good behavior, with a third accomplice committed to appear."After carrying out the necessary initial investigation by the Investigative Committee of the suspects planned to indict. Read more -->

On the Yamal ice roads increased tonnage

On the Yamal ice roads increased tonnageOn the night of 27 January opens the traffic on the winter road "Salekhard - Nadym" for all types of wheeled vehicles weighing up to 30 tons. The technical condition of winter roads improved all along. At the moment, the end road work on the highway, reported the press service of the government of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district.On the road "Aksarka - Salamol - Panews - Yar-sale is still open to traffic only in the area of "Aksarka - Salamol" for vehicles terrain up to 10 tons. The rest length of road works machinery, is clearing the roadway and fill winter roads with water.On the winter road "Urengoy - Krasnoselkup" allowed all kinds of vehicles weighing up to 25 tons.Autosignin "Labytnangi - Men - Azawi Tags" is open for all kinds of vehicles weighing up to 30 tons.Ice ferry district operating normally. The road through the Ob is open to wheeled cars weighing up to 30 tons, track - up to 45 tons. Vehicles carrying dangerous goods must not exceed the tonnage of 35 tons. Read more -->

The Ministry of defence DND: the Time of great victories come!

The Ministry of defence DND: the Time of great victories come!On Sunday, the Ministry of defence DND has made an urgent message associated with the lie of the Ukrainian regime on the situation at the airport.The report notes that the Ukrainian media purposefully shake information environment and want to plunge the inhabitants of DND in a panic, to discredit the image of the militias and the government."But Ukraine as a country no longer," says the Ministry of defence."Still Kyiv cannot accept the idea that the region has not been put on knees, and anyone to deliver not given. The militia DND and LNR, as well as in the great Patriotic War, turning into a victorious army. We learned how to fight and learned how to win. Army DND I will not fail, will not leave, will not be scared. Residents of Donbas, Brothers and sisters, together we make history. . Read more -->

The explosion at the bus stop in Angarsk suffered two

The explosion at the bus stop in Angarsk suffered twoThe explosion, which occurred at one of the stops in Angarsk, injured two people."Today, 8.35 the duty of the police reported a loud clap, who heard citizens living in 211 quarter", - have informed in the press service of the regional MOI.Injured man, who is now hospitalized, and a woman, according to preliminary data, received minor injuries.Police cordoned off adjacent to the site area, ask residents and passers-by. . . . . . Read more -->

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